Star Wars fans painstakingly remake entire film frame by frame

first_imgStar Wars fans, consider this to be a love letter to you from your peers. Some of the most passionate, creative, and unapologetically goofy Star Wars aficionados have recreated the entirety of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This is a frame-by-frame, crowd sourced fan tribute of the original. Some of it is animated, much it is live action, and all of it is jaw-droppingly fascinating. What it lacks in budget, high-end special effects, and professional acting, it makes up for in heart, originality, and quirkiness.Star Wars Uncut was started three years ago, when project creator Casey Pugh divided Star Wars into 472 15-second segments. He asked fellow fans to reenact and submit their versions of the segments to help him to remake the entire film. The internet responded, and today we have the fruits of this labor of (thousands of fans’) love.Even if you don’t want to sit down to watch the entire two hour and four minutes extravaganza, you owe it to yourself to at least watch a few clips. But be warned: you may watch for longer than you planned. This is an amazing, hilarious, and peculiar two (plus) hours of Star Wars fandom.You can watch the entire movie below, but, first, we posted screen grabs of some of our favorite segments:Charlie’s EmpireCome to think of it, Charlie’s Angels was running in 1977, when the original Star Wars was released. Though, in fairness, we don’t remember Farrah Fawcett using a blow-drier as a weapon.Subaru Escape PodWe lost track of how many spaceships were replaced with fans’ cars.Obi Wan’s third eyeWho knew that the Hindu deity Shiva would make such a great Obi Wan Kenobi?Amateur movie starsThis random guy looked like he was very serious about his big chance to be Sir Alec Guinness.… as did this Karl Urban look-alike who dressed as Indiana Jones to play Han Solo.Wrong franchiseApparently the Death Star hijacked a few Federation ships along the way.The obligatory petsThis Peruvian Hairless makes a mean Death Star gunner.The movieEnough beating around the bush. Below you can watch Star Wars Uncut in its entirety. You may want to pop some popcorn, as it isn’t easy to stop watching:Naturally, the next question is: when will the fan recreations of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi be made? It might be time to start preparing your camera, homemade props, and Bearded Leia.via Laughing Squidlast_img read more

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