Ouya will have Final Fantasy III as a launch title

first_imgIt doesn’t matter what name is on a new console, if it doesn’t have a good line up of launch games then there’s little reason for gamers to invest. That’s true of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft hardware, so it’s also true of Ouya.Slated for a launch in March next year, Ouya already has a desirable price point, and it is looking more likely the line-up of launch games will be compelling too. That’s because Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy III will be a launch title for the system.Better still, Square Enix is considering other titles for the console, seeing it as an opportunity to port several of its franchises to a machine that already has millions invested in it by gamers eager to pick up the system.From a business perspective it makes sense to cash in on the popularity of the hardware with a well-known gaming series. The fact Square Enix has already committed to supporting the platform means it’s likely other publishers will follow them and port their popular games.Originally released in 1990, Final Fantasy III has since been updated and released on the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and later this year PSP. With an Android port already available, there won’t be much work required to get it ready for Ouya. What will be interesting to see though, is if Square Enix makes this an Ouya-specific release and adds something new to the game.The Ouya Kickstarter still has 8 days left to go, but has already received pledges of over $5.8 million. With the original goal being just $950,000, there’s no excuses for the console not to hit its release date and start vying for gamers attention alongside the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii/Wii U under our TVs.via Siliconeralast_img read more

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