Effect of weight of different labels in HTML in Shanghai Dragon

3, the font tag < font>

tag < strong>

< strong> is an emphatic stress label, it emphasizes the role mainly through the bold font to achieve, but a different browser for strong display is not the same, in the search engine, but also pay more attention to the label, as for us with < strong>. The text search engine will give a high degree of attention, although it is the representation of bold, as with the H label form, but they are two different concepts, cannot be mixed. read more

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Liu Jun website optimization Shanghai dragon 8 skills


spider crawling the page, too much JS and CSS code is not a spider love, adding too many other codes will seriously affect the spider crawling rate in real web content HTML article, affect the search engine included the page. So the external reference method call JS and CSS is a very good way. If not must use fancy website style, they can make the site simple and generous, it is good for users and search engines.

6, completes the first domain

5, to avoid excessive repetition of

were good included read more

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Summary of factors affecting the company web site keywords ranking

will look at this website links page, link to it is not less than 50, too much is not work.

can contain page keywords in anchor text link, so better.

fourth, xki electronic information technology limited company website update time and frequency.

Optimization of

fifth, and CK electronic information technology limited company website content.

second, external links are not the same IP address. Otherwise it will cause the suspected of cheating.

especially some high PR value of the site, can get their import links. Will be great help website ranking. read more

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After June 22 2012 is k site restoration measures

3-1. only www home page is K.: www.tui56贵族宝贝 but not www tui56贵族宝贝 is not K. This is only a moderate drop right, still has a chance to restore.

three. The website has a chance to be

site is K may have many causes, such as cheating is too obvious, the large accumulation in bold keywords, website content quality is too low, the establishment time is too short, the website in June 22nd began to clean up after a lot of Links was not even K, the first wave of the web site through June 22nd direct K off survived, but the snapshot is too slow. For the website of the title or keyword from the procedure of large area and even the whole local revised website will also face the risk of K. read more

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During the period of our website to make Shanghai dragon error

before the revision of the site without a full backup of what will happen? You made a serious mistake, this mistake may lead you to the site can not be used again. Your site can not backup before the revocation of the operation in the revision. The correct approach is to make any important website before, make sure you have carefully backup your website files, and database contents. And save a copy in the local.

The revision process of

error 2: there is no provision for an old site content URL address exhaustive list read more

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Baidu you are swollen would not love again

love the sea abuse me a thousand times, I love Shanghai as first love. But this is not the case, Baidu too kind amount, it is the pit at home. Hey, listen to me explain.

take a look at my website, my web page PR6, weight 2, ranked in twelve position. There are 60 chain pointing to it, but also the source of the news.


publishing in ninth and tenth of the site is within the page, domain this instruction check, no chain, not a single one. Enter the website, most websites are pictures of cover plate, the content of the website is to use picture description. The content of the website is not very important? read more

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The love of Shanghai statistical tools to optimize their websites in Shanghai Dragon

now some statistical tools should be more familiar love Shanghai statistics, webmaster query, 51la, almost ninety percent of the site installation of the data love Shanghai statistics tools, mainly because it can be directly embedded into our site, but relatively speaking for some of the statistics of your site is quite accurate. Statistical tools love Shanghai is one thing must have a look before I turn off the computer every day, but not to say that Changsha Shanghai dragon is a data mad, although Shanghai Longfeng value most in fact or the flow, but Changsha think Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon should not only stay in the flow above, if the traffic is not accurate if there is more traffic, conversion rate is not so objective, so I think a lot of traffic should be, to Shanghai dragon industry is not Taobao mall, we all need clothes to cover the body, but not everyone needs the love of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai statistical tools actually is very good, after the Shanghai statistical tools in the analysis of love on the left side of his section look, I mainly talk about how to use love Shanghai statistical tools to give their sites do Shanghai Longfeng optimization today. read more

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Space selection experience summary let each owners choose their own space

space space will be able to give us.

The second step The third step is to select the

this is the first time I published an article in Admin5, I’ve been watching every information content and other webmasters to share in the Admin5 home page, I summoned the courage today, he wrote a spatial selection experience, these experiences I have or practice experience, I hope to share it to be able to help more adsense.

The comprehensive performance of

space should be chosen on the space requirements of function, the function of the space including space size, line, IIS, database, post office, traffic and so on, and we in the upload process before it should have a general requirement of space, such as we are doing a blog, so as long as the space of more than 100M enough, if you want to do a large site so space size depends on the size of the site to decide. The number of traffic space also determines the spatial selection of IIS, if you think the development potential of sites is very large, so be sure to choose a good IIS, the space line is decided by the nature of space velocity, are generally choose to double. We must ask the space of these functions in the choice of the space, avoid to use when I know regret, my first choice website when traffic is 20G per month, did not expect the results to the development of the site after 5 months, 20G traffic is not enough, it can buy 8 yuan of money flow you can buy 1G, or my site is only for space, that their loss is relatively large. read more

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Analysis content is king the chain for the true meaning of emperor

followed "the chain for emperor" this second half of the sentence, the people who do not know the importance of the chain optimization work, there is a considerable part of the industry chain to the website and think keywords accounted for seventy percent more than in the past, this is really established, no ground for blame but now, no, because the search engine algorithm update, the chain to play in the role of the keyword ranking increasingly reduced.

began to rise from the Shanghai dragon in this industry, has been circulating "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, employees will also be regarded as the truth, and now with the search engine algorithm to update and upgrade, this statement is also useful as before read more

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Links in how to do search algorithm under the era of anti cheat

then to observe each other whether to use the nofollow property or the use of the robots rules, because some of the primary chain will cheat URL add the noffollow attribute, so it can serve to limit the website weight transfer effect, or will chain you to join the robots, let the love of spiders in Shanghai can not find your friends but in the chain, the page can be found in you. Once this phenomenon immediately closed his chain.

finally snapshot is very concerned about the website chain, because with the network cheating technology promotion, many master began to use the program to > read more

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