Judge orders two years suspended sentence and fine for burglary

first_img Share Justice Bernie Stevenson-Brooks has ordered two adult males to a two year prison sentence which is suspended for two years and to pay a fine of $1500.00 each and or the offence of burglary.Victor Matthew and Laudrick Bruno who pleaded not guilty to burglary on January 24th, 2012 at the commencement of the January Criminal Assizes changed their pleas to guilty when the charge was re- read to them as requested by their attorney Bernadette Lambert.It is the contention of Arthlyn Nesty an attorney of the Director of Public Prosecution’s Office that on the 11th of February, 2010 the defendants burglarized the business establishment of Leroy Henderson known as Goodaz Fashion on Cross Lane in Roseau of EC$28, 622. 25 worth of clothing supplies, hats and shoes.In mitigating on behalf of her clients, Lambert pleaded with Justice Stevenson-Brooks for leniency when sentencing her clients as they are both first time offenders, pleaded guilty, have expressed remorse for their actions, have made serious attempts at reformation and that all the stolen items have been retrieved by the police.According to Lambert, Victor Matthew who is 20 years old has expressed “deep regret and remorse” for his action which he informed her is very embarrassing for him but has sought to correct his ways. She reported that he is currently employed in the construction industry, has gone back to attending church services on a regular basis at the Marigot Methodist Church and has moved from his aunt’s home as he believes “bad friends” will no longer influence him.In mitigating on behalf of Bruno, Lambert told the Court although the burglary charge is a serious offense it was “like a light bulb” experience for her client as it has caused him to turn his life around.Bruno, she reported, has returned to school and enrolled in the business programme at the Dominica State College despite being jeered at by his friends.He also has a small nursery farm in Woodfordhill where he grows egg plant, cucumbers and pumpkin among others for sale.Lambert gave the Court a loans application which her client submitted to the Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank seeking funds to expand his agricultural business as well as a report from an agricultural officer who visited his farm, explaining that her client has made attempts to amend his ways.She also told the Court that Bruno has resumed regular church attendance at the Woodfordhill Baptist Church and also has the support of his family.Justice Stevenson-Brooks told the defendants that she must consider the fact that they are first time offenders and give a “30% discount in sentencing” as provided by the Court of Appeal and that they will both be given an opportunity to be leaders within their community.She advised them to learn the song, “we fall down but we get up” and use it as their mantra to motivate themselves to stay away from trouble.The judge told Bruno; “I accept that you are trying to do better with your life” with your studies and farming”. She also told him, “You seem to be the one on the right road so help him [Matthew] along the way.They were given a combination sentence of two years in prison which is suspended for two years during which time they should not commit any other offenses and the fine of $1500.00 over a 6 months period.Justice Stevenson-Brooks warned the defendants to lead an “honest and industrious life” and ensure that they do not commit any other offences.Dominica Vibes News Tweet Share LocalNews Judge orders two years suspended sentence and fine for burglary by: – March 19, 2012center_img Share Sharing is caring! 17 Views   no discussionslast_img

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