Effect of weight of different labels in HTML in Shanghai Dragon

3, the font tag < font>

tag < strong>

< strong> is an emphatic stress label, it emphasizes the role mainly through the bold font to achieve, but a different browser for strong display is not the same, in the search engine, but also pay more attention to the label, as for us with < strong>. The text search engine will give a high degree of attention, although it is the representation of bold, as with the H label form, but they are two different concepts, cannot be mixed.

when we emphasize the page layout, a keyword page will often use a of HTML tags, H tags, strong tags, such as EM tags, search engines for these tags are quite serious, HTML weight of different labels, which have different functions, in practice should be used in that should not be confused, use these tags, we Shanghai Longfeng personnel must master, and to be fundamentally different from the purpose of the utility HTML weights of different labels, we are about these tags in different Shanghai Long Fengzhong.

font tag < font> can change the character font, and its properties, such as size, thickness, color and so on, in practice we often use it to mark the color properties of different content, in order to achieve the distinction with other fonts stressed that the search engine and to cause the user’s attention to. For example, red font attributes, large character attributes etc..


4, < em>

1, the title tag H

H tag is one of the most important of these kinds of weight of HTML tags in the search engine is one of the most important, it has 6 forms, respectively H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, the effect is decreasing, the effect of H1 is higher than H2, H2 is better than this H3, followed by analogy, in the page, the H tag may play a role in the web page structured, like a newspaper layout, we can put the H1 tag on the most important page in the content above, plus H2 in subtitle, a page, H1 can appear only once, in IMRT H2-H6, can appear many times, the use of H tags, content structure, primary and secondary levels.

2, strengthen the tone that

when we emphasize certain content, often with < em> tag, it emphasizes the role only after the < strong> tag, generally speaking, strong is used to emphasize key > the main role is to emphasize the content, for example in a row with a weight >

italic tag;

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