Liu Jun website optimization Shanghai dragon 8 skills


spider crawling the page, too much JS and CSS code is not a spider love, adding too many other codes will seriously affect the spider crawling rate in real web content HTML article, affect the search engine included the page. So the external reference method call JS and CSS is a very good way. If not must use fancy website style, they can make the site simple and generous, it is good for users and search engines.

6, completes the first domain

5, to avoid excessive repetition of

were good included

spider crawling website first climb to the front page of the site, and then browse the entire site by site navigation, a clear and reasonable site navigation structure can be very effective to guide the spider crawling to every corner of the site. Site navigation needs to adopt a flat tree structure, so that each page of the article to the site of the home page click distance should be short. If it is not too big website, such as enterprise station, personal blog, as far as possible new articles directly on the home page, which can effectively improve the probability of new articles included. Site navigation using HTML links, remember not to use images, flash navigation spiders can’t crawl links, though good-looking, but leads to a website to become spider trap.

As the saying goes,

2, external reference method call JavaScript and CSS

preferred domain meaning is very simple, if you love in Shanghai in si>

the same article do not appear in many different URL, repeat too much of the search engine is not love. Light to eliminate duplicate content, even lead to site is down right.

is too long, such as QQ space URL is not conducive to the spider grab page. Let URL is the concise Shanghai dragon need attention, add keywords in the URL can effectively improve the keywords ranking, if it is Chinese keywords, Chinese characters cannot add your URL, add the corresponding pinyin is to improve the keywords ranking, but from the user experience point of view, this approach is worth promoting.

content, external links for the emperor, said Shanghai Longfeng station optimization, many people naturally think of original content with the new, then in addition to the original article with the new, and some need to pay attention to what the station optimization and perfect? I want to talk about some matters needing attention in the station optimization today.

3, URL

4, Alt property

although the spider can’t identify the picture, but the spider is can capture images of the Alt attribute, the Alt attribute to ensure all the pictures of website and website theme related as possible. They can do all pictures of Alt attribute conforms to the W3c standard.

design should be more reasonableDynamic URL

1, clear navigation is the key site of

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