Summary of factors affecting the company web site keywords ranking

will look at this website links page, link to it is not less than 50, too much is not work.

can contain page keywords in anchor text link, so better.

fourth, xki electronic information technology limited company website update time and frequency.

Optimization of

fifth, and CK electronic information technology limited company website content.

second, external links are not the same IP address. Otherwise it will cause the suspected of cheating.

especially some high PR value of the site, can get their import links. Will be great help website ranking.

third, the first look at the xki electronic information technology limited company website content, best original article, this is the best choice, remember that if an article has been found people reproduced N times, and that there is no such published what meaning. The best is relatively independent of the content of the page, and other page 35% of the proposal is not exactly the same. The number of words in the 800-1500, to know how to block or page. Or look at the past a long and minute statement looks uncomfortable, user.

Some of the imported How the quality of We do this in the

link number not to reduce explosion explosion, natural increase.

eighth, network security related anchor text.

look at the anchor text there is the content of this page. Observe the safety of network around the anchor text there is some.

The analysis of

sixth, external intranet security website links.

The problems related to

seventh, import link correlation, link is the best in the content of the page, it is better to import links

The best

, the first web outreach. There is a link time should be at least 3 months.

company’s website keywords intranet search engine optimization, can let remained in the search engine home page, has inseparable contact with our optimization strategy, on the contrary, why often hear webmasters complaining about their website ranking well below the author to introduce personal experience in fact, this is. Some unfavorable factors exist in their own website, if these negative factors are solved, the ranking of search results in a relatively well. Below I will own some views in the optimization process and the problems encountered and under discussion.

to get a regular updates, insist that every update 35 article is the best choice of

is the content of the whole xki Electronic Information Technology Co. Ltd. the site around the home page on the keyword description, and the theme of the high degree of the whole station. Even the best comment function in the comments if some key words better.

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