After June 22 2012 is k site restoration measures

3-1. only www home page is K.: www.tui56贵族宝贝 but not www tui56贵族宝贝 is not K. This is only a moderate drop right, still has a chance to restore.

three. The website has a chance to be

site is K may have many causes, such as cheating is too obvious, the large accumulation in bold keywords, website content quality is too low, the establishment time is too short, the website in June 22nd began to clean up after a lot of Links was not even K, the first wave of the web site through June 22nd direct K off survived, but the snapshot is too slow. For the website of the title or keyword from the procedure of large area and even the whole local revised website will also face the risk of K.


. What kind of site will be K or K risk


said there was only a 30% chance, because tui56- Wang Baochen knew many websites really poor quality, especially home over optimization, a greater chance of recovery might have a web site:

two. The site was k after the rapid recovery of

3-2. more than 3 months have a lot of data site recovery probability is relatively large. This website has been the assessment period, all data have included. No cheating > page

if your website is not within 3 months of the on-line time, and has recently been K. It is through the method of tui56- Wang Baochen summed up the temporary delete Links, delete all data, you can use these links to temporarily save it, and after recovery in exchange back. This method tui56- Wang Baochen had 5 tests, there is a station is K 2 times according to the method of recovery, is the fastest processing on the restoration of the morning night. A total of 5 successful, but because the test area is relatively low so it only 30% sites by this method can be recovered rapidly from K.

from the rapid recovery in KWhy

for a long time without writing, since June 12, 2012, Shanghai anti cheating mechanism of love, to the beginning of June 22, 2012, love Shanghai search engine for large-scale K station, until today still in July 16th, the site was k who do not want to see, and before the most basic and tui56- friends like Wang Baochen, no way to deal with, no know how to solve, especially over reliance on electronic commerce company, the site was K in the fall, the short term does not use some other methods even facing the risk of shutting down, especially in a hurry, several websites tui56 Forums – Wang Baochen hand and several friends also appeared to be K, by chance, found you can quickly restore by K website to test 5 times, all recovered, the fastest time of the day today, Wang Baochen tui56- Sharing is the theme of June 2012 22 has been restored to K website:

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