During the period of our website to make Shanghai dragon error

before the revision of the site without a full backup of what will happen? You made a serious mistake, this mistake may lead you to the site can not be used again. Your site can not backup before the revocation of the operation in the revision. The correct approach is to make any important website before, make sure you have carefully backup your website files, and database contents. And save a copy in the local.

The revision process of

error 2: there is no provision for an old site content URL address exhaustive list

to change the domain name, you may team for marketing reasons or the need to modify the domain name brand.

change your URL address, such as your site in URL using the query string (? Example.php / ID = 9), you may change them, to make them shorter more search engine friendly.

all these time may affect your optimization. In most cases, the website manager / site owners are not able to fully realize the revision of the site in the search engine rankings of the huge impact. They may lose a lot of traffic because of the revision, this also meant the loss of sales and revenue. In this paper the author will pass some of our mistakes in the process of revision errors on how to mitigate the impact of the site in the Shanghai dragon website.

Do you suppose in

is a part of our common website content:

change the web publishing software, for example you may replace WordPress with Blogger.

for each of our Shanghai dragon er must go through is the website, this paper will introduce some common site in the revision to make Shanghai Longfeng and how we can avoid them wrong.

error 1: in the site before the revision of the website without a full backup.

Server side scripting technology

in some major revision of the site, for example, change your CMS, or when the layout of WEB technology, URL address of your old site content also needs to change. The main purpose of URL address has the old content of a website is going through their ginger tea whether these URL through a 301 redirect to the new address. There is not a complete list, you will lead to loss or even make duplicate content, the content of your site 404 error page. This result will lead you to the site to lose a lot of traffic, the worst case can be.

to change the look and feel of your site, this involves changing the theme of the site and layout.

change website, a good example is the migration of a ASP.NET/MS SQL Server database like PHP/My SQL.

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