Baidu you are swollen would not love again

love the sea abuse me a thousand times, I love Shanghai as first love. But this is not the case, Baidu too kind amount, it is the pit at home. Hey, listen to me explain.

take a look at my website, my web page PR6, weight 2, ranked in twelve position. There are 60 chain pointing to it, but also the source of the news.




publishing in ninth and tenth of the site is within the page, domain this instruction check, no chain, not a single one. Enter the website, most websites are pictures of cover plate, the content of the website is to use picture description. The content of the website is not very important?



website is my "fans", I ranked twelfth, home search results are as follows:

Baidu do not play by the rules, let me too much to handle. Said the chain for the emperor, content is king. This picture is not outside the chain, content, also ranked in the Shanghai home of love. The Shanghai dragon can do? Doubt love Shanghai Shanghai dragon. 贵族宝贝 fans through my website, Baidu let brother.

? The

ranked second in the website home page, PR0, weight 1, love Shanghai chain 16. In short this site did not do the chain. Click to enter the site, not said is more than tears, the site layout messy no law. In the second row, it can have

layout in the fifth position of Web site, the weights of PR are 0, love Shanghai home chain 16. Eighth the location of the web site weight is 1, PR is 0. This is how to do home position. The chain is not very important? Love Shanghai ranking is not very much the quantity and quality of the chain? It has not been the chain.

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