The love of Shanghai statistical tools to optimize their websites in Shanghai Dragon

now some statistical tools should be more familiar love Shanghai statistics, webmaster query, 51la, almost ninety percent of the site installation of the data love Shanghai statistics tools, mainly because it can be directly embedded into our site, but relatively speaking for some of the statistics of your site is quite accurate. Statistical tools love Shanghai is one thing must have a look before I turn off the computer every day, but not to say that Changsha Shanghai dragon is a data mad, although Shanghai Longfeng value most in fact or the flow, but Changsha think Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon should not only stay in the flow above, if the traffic is not accurate if there is more traffic, conversion rate is not so objective, so I think a lot of traffic should be, to Shanghai dragon industry is not Taobao mall, we all need clothes to cover the body, but not everyone needs the love of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai statistical tools actually is very good, after the Shanghai statistical tools in the analysis of love on the left side of his section look, I mainly talk about how to use love Shanghai statistical tools to give their sites do Shanghai Longfeng optimization today.

when your site statistics code embedded in the love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistical tools will automatically to your site is analyzed, the analysis includes two categories: the first category is the length of URL, the static page parameters; the second category is the Meta information, Alt information, improve the degree of image information, Frame Flash text information; Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon Changsha blog picture Alt information early because of imperfect detection results also failed, although there is love on the head of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon, but if you are not careful, may cause you to SOE optimization effect is not as good as expected, in fact, a process we Shanghai dragon is constantly the gaps of discovery and exploration, in the discovery before should learn to fill gaps.

here every web site can be customized 10 keywords, but Changsha Shanghai Longfeng felt it is good, because a website if the 10 key words related to their site to do, then this is a very Changsha website, such as Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix blog site key >


, Shanghai dragon

two, the search term ranking

has a section analysis optimization in Shanghai statistical tools on the left side of the bottom, we mainly talk about how to use this forum to give their sites do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work today, if there are some owners have been familiar with the statistical tools, and uses skillfuly, I think this blog is not what need to look, I don’t mind some friends to come to the point, we have to get back to business, I love Shanghai with statistical optimization analysis steps five steps to talk about.


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