Space selection experience summary let each owners choose their own space

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this is the first time I published an article in Admin5, I’ve been watching every information content and other webmasters to share in the Admin5 home page, I summoned the courage today, he wrote a spatial selection experience, these experiences I have or practice experience, I hope to share it to be able to help more adsense.

The comprehensive performance of

space should be chosen on the space requirements of function, the function of the space including space size, line, IIS, database, post office, traffic and so on, and we in the upload process before it should have a general requirement of space, such as we are doing a blog, so as long as the space of more than 100M enough, if you want to do a large site so space size depends on the size of the site to decide. The number of traffic space also determines the spatial selection of IIS, if you think the development potential of sites is very large, so be sure to choose a good IIS, the space line is decided by the nature of space velocity, are generally choose to double. We must ask the space of these functions in the choice of the space, avoid to use when I know regret, my first choice website when traffic is 20G per month, did not expect the results to the development of the site after 5 months, 20G traffic is not enough, it can buy 8 yuan of money flow you can buy 1G, or my site is only for space, that their loss is relatively large.

space should be chosen to choose service providers, a high reputation of the service provider brings to us is a sense of security, now many webmaster choice space is rented directly in the Taobao online, is this just the space to ensure the normal development of the website taobao贵族宝贝? Space is one of the best places the price is a lot cheaper space, such as 5 yuan a month, $20 a year in the space, but the quality of the space is not high, I remember when I started to build the site to buy a 30 yuan of space in taobao贵族宝贝, did not use the 1 months he had given up in addition for a service provider, so the first step in the choice must choose a good service provider, in my opinion, good service providers have A5 inside the data center, network space station, Western Digital and so on, if I didn’t say you can be heard in the search on the Internet for reputation in these spaces, find a best business space.

space is the webmaster has been considered the most comprehensive performance of things, many webmaster will particularly care for space in the construction site, construction site, because the space is the core and basic site, a good space can help owners get web site stability, for the website user experience and improve the search engine spider has played a great role in promoting, so how do we choose a good space? This is the emphasis of the paper.

The first step in the

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