Analysis content is king the chain for the true meaning of emperor

followed "the chain for emperor" this second half of the sentence, the people who do not know the importance of the chain optimization work, there is a considerable part of the industry chain to the website and think keywords accounted for seventy percent more than in the past, this is really established, no ground for blame but now, no, because the search engine algorithm update, the chain to play in the role of the keyword ranking increasingly reduced.

began to rise from the Shanghai dragon in this industry, has been circulating "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, employees will also be regarded as the truth, and now with the search engine algorithm to update and upgrade, this statement is also useful as before

therefore, build and release content, must be the pursuit of value, and fit the keywords, can bring to the user have much value, then love Shanghai think your site there is much value, natural weight and keywords ranking will rise.

2.: actually, the original content is not original, is not very important, if the original nature is the best, the original is so that users can see the contents of other places to see in your website, so naturally will significantly enhance the user viscosity. But for all of the original writing requirements are relatively high, but also the requirements of the web site content that is the subject of professional master, is familiar enough. If in this aspect is really feel very difficult, can the second to collect some good quality articles, of course, is also the site and consistent and professional strong article. Shanghai officials love more than once that attitude: they don’t care about your article is original, they care about is this article or the site can give users what kind of value.

love Shanghai’s official foreign chain judgment also have their own argument: they said a chain chain is not belong to high quality, mainly depends on the user or website is not really.


1. fit the theme of the site, or is in line with the content of the web site keywords, such as Internet users through the search for specific keywords to our website, see the content that you want, it will greatly reduce the bounce rate.

let’s talk about the first half of the sentence! Content in whatever form under the importance for the website will not have the slightest shake, so the "content is king" this half sentence is absolutely forever. The core content is called a web site, and even the soul is not too much, because only published content extremely fit the theme of the site, it will be the site of the existing maximum value reflected. So, you no matter who, in the website do must take seriously the content on this site a good content optimization, it is more in line with customer needs, so it can increase the user experience. Here you might ask, what what kind of content is required by the user? In short the following 2 points.


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