Links in how to do search algorithm under the era of anti cheat

then to observe each other whether to use the nofollow property or the use of the robots rules, because some of the primary chain will cheat URL add the noffollow attribute, so it can serve to limit the website weight transfer effect, or will chain you to join the robots, let the love of spiders in Shanghai can not find your friends but in the chain, the page can be found in you. Once this phenomenon immediately closed his chain.

finally snapshot is very concerned about the website chain, because with the network cheating technology promotion, many master began to use the program to >

second, use the xxx贵族宝贝/index.html suffix "and you are a chain exchange, didn’t seem to have what problem, but for search engines but the identification. Therefore, not to the optimization effect.

is a huge chain optimization effect, which leads to many owners pay more attention to the construction of a chain, is that there are many webmaster found cheated a chain of business opportunities, so many new Adsense easily by hand, make yourself awake for others, so as to avoid their own in the construction of a chain to encounter scam? The first to analyze the common deception.


third, the use of robots.txt rules and nofollow attribute will transfer function weight off, so although you were friends of the chain, but it is not his website weight transfer to you, not equal to the friends of the chain.

fourth, use third party code to shield the spider love Shanghai, love Shanghai used to deceive the snapshot.

when we know that these major deception requires the anti-counterfeiting campaign, so as to prevent their encounter liar chain.

first, after each of the friends of the chain, crooks usually soon will delete your link, if you are a person you will be negligent, be deceived.

with love Shanghai to enhance the level of intelligent algorithm, coupled with the improved algorithm, the traditional chain optimization model has been weakened, and want to optimize the difficulty of the chain becomes more and more high, in this context, for a new website, through and other related websites friend chain exchange is a very good way to optimize the chain, because the chain can meet the demanding requirements of love Shanghai algorithm foreign chain optimization, and do well, but also can play the role of an enemy ten.

first when your website is a new station, at the website of the other side actually has the weight and ranking, then you are active and a chain exchange, you need to be vigilant, after all, no not early, you need to conduct a comprehensive investigation and tracking on the other side, if encountered such a person perhaps, if you are a liar then immediately shut down each other’s friends of the chain, let the other side is not a good discussion.

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