There is a great difference between the theory of soft with practical results

so, said the Shanghai dragon make original it is bullshit, you have so many original needs to go to the Shanghai dragon? When we site people spontaneously create original, Shanghai dragon has not your concern.

chain operation site gives the chain and artificial flowers to exchange the chain, other ways can be said to be very few. So, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in buy black chain this is a very real problem. Some people say the black chain will be punished K station, what. Black chain now also smart, a layer, and then use js to control the display layer. Or put the layer set Z-index is negative, so the search engine can not be found in the end is the black chain or chain. So a group to buy black chain benefit, obtained some word ranking, but black chain is very unstable. Is the webmaster, sell black chain and to change our next station, this way is easy to be K station. However, the correlation of the chain is very effective, but diversity, personally think that there is no relationship between what, just give a very hard to do outside the chain of words, in other words can follow up.

first look at the so-called original content

these days a lot of people in the analysis of the weights of the topic. If PR is the official site for our noble baby playing a weight, then love Shanghai but is just a method of the invention of folk rating website. It is not authoritative, not comprehensive. Only in the local reaction of a site in the weight of love Shanghai.

let’s look under the so-called chain

so, black chain can buy, buy stable on the line, not easily K station. The chain of correlation to the chain, don’t pay much attention to diversity. Very useful text. The chain to improve the collection and website snapshot, the anchor text chain is the keyword ranking path.

Every day 300 articles about the release of the soft

can be said that 90% of the optimization of the site is to copy the contents of the site in others. Article 100 information or product information, 1-2 original article on Amitabha. However, these copies of the content as well as indexed by the search engines, and this site also has the same ranking. The personal reasons mentioned before a reproduction of content may explain the degree of the problem, that is the search engine of the article reproduced with very large tolerance. How can so many sites every day to produce original? We are just copy each other.

so, I hope everyone in the chain of exchange, not to come to you to change the conditions of people that, as long as people included, a new snapshot, outside the chain.

A5, all in the repeated fried rice is related to Shanghai dragon. No wonder that now the soft audit also so difficult. However, the soft said to us really do have big difference to.

finally see the so-called weight

In addition to

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