No love Shanghai to keep a snapshot of the code noarchive

to prevent all search engines display a snapshot of your site, please send this meta tag page placement part: < meta; name=" robots" content=" noarchive" >

to allow other search engines display snapshot, but only to prevent the love Shanghai display, please use the following tags: < meta; name=" Baiduspider" content=" noarchive" >

many sites for privacy considerations do not want to love Shanghai reservation online snapshot, are also discussing how to ban love Shanghai keep a snapshot method. In fact, Shanghai has already had a love, but hidden in an obscure article not spectacular, cause so many people still do not know how to operate. Just last week someone asked this question, specially described.

note: this mark is only forbidden love Shanghai show the snapshot of the web page, and will not affect the "garbage" and built into the index, it is impossible to rely on this method to escape a love of Shanghai.

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