How fast to the site to do the chain in Shanghai dragon skills

because the site of the article is more, so the first ZhengZhan headings and links up, then put the title over a number of general psychology, know what are the contents of the article. Then look at the text background order.

The related content and keywords

fourth, to have you in the main (such as Shanghai Longfeng, SEM) words are linked with the home page. Article 1 is enough. If the article didn’t appear, is also very simple, add their own.

such as the original: 1. website: website structure reasonable structure can make nobility baby easily search for the most content of your site, you included a large number of pages, you pay more attention to this website. The ranking is a very important factor. Can be changed to: SEM wing believes the following 1. website structure: the reasonable structure of the website can let baby easily search for the most noble content on your website, you included the number of pages, you pay more attention to this website. The ranking is a very important factor. Do SEM know, XXXX >

3, at the end of the article do optimization, and head.

For example: the expansion of knowledge: " Keywords

1, the improvement of the head, the article beginning some

2, in the article to see other articles mentioned, do within the chain, in the original text anchor text, also can add new content.

301 redirect code" "editor love Shanghai encyclopedia entry techniques and precautions". It is the anchor text, you can also add URL address.

: for example in this article "wings SEM team of cross links and the definition of" Links. At the beginning of the article: "the first to look at the cross and the definition of friendship!" this is obviously not good enough, optimization. Can a little change, or new. Such as: This paper introduces the definition and cross link Links definition, cross links and Links do we need to master the skills of Shanghai dragon. This emphasized the keywords.

statement is simple: for example, believe that through the above described cross link and Links, you have to cross link definition and Links definition understand it? Or, in the end to increase: the wings SEM and other articles recommend: 1 "301" 2 "redirect code, edit the love Shanghai Wikipedia entry skills and note", 3 "website editors and network marketing how to complement each other".

Shanghai Longfeng optimization know, the content and the chain is very important for the website ranking, but some small owners ignore the role of the chain in. In fact, a web site in the chain can not only improve the website ranking, but also can improve the user experience. So the chain is the important decision user viscosity fuse. Because some time ago to just do a few sites within the chain, the website of hundreds of thousands, it is difficult. It summarizes some tips to quickly add the inner chain. I do share some of Shanghai dragon in the chain, and they hope to help you!

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