To upgrade the network marketing course evolution guest network marketing course


teacher Yang Weipeng said, network marketing as a mainstay of practical application of Internet technology and the development of the network economy, and change with the development of the Internet, as a team, the guest of curriculum development with independent intellectual property rights should continue development of practical courses followed the development of the Internet, cultivate practical innovative talents more complex skills is good at the application of Internet technology it specializes in modern marketing skills "".

2013, the rapid development of Internet and electronic commerce China, Chinese economic transition to the Internet era of new economy, network marketing plays an important role, as China network marketing training leader and pioneer and Chinese network marketing industry standard promoters, March 19, 2013, guest Network Marketing Institute (www.imakecollege贵族宝贝) held ImakeeV3.0 curriculum system Zhongguancun Hailong building conference in Beijing.

as a guest network marketing institute founder, Mr. Yang Weipeng did not expect that from October 2007 the development of the network marketing course of the date of the time, but now, more than 6 years, the curriculum system from the initial version 1 upgrade to 3, about once a year course is a small upgrade, every two years a major upgrades, which is similar to the popular "Moore computer industry".

Li Xingang guest teachers participated in the first edition of the curriculum research and development work in recent years, as the guest network marketing director, lead the team to continuously improve the curriculum system, making it more efficient and practical. Li said that the ImakeeV3.0 curriculum system in the existing curriculum system, removed some old or not practical content, add new content, in the course of the first module in the website construction, the blog website changed for the enterprise website construction, while increasing the rapid construction of mobile website content. At the same time, students can learn how to open a Taobao shop and on the basis of how to better grasp the operation of the shop.

second module, optimize for mobile sites and for.

is more practical and more efficient system, the actual network marketing course

guest network marketing course history

Yang Weipeng said the teacher, when the first edition of curriculum development, time for half a year, which involved in the development of network marketing course, both returned overseas returnees, China first search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) contest champion, China first engaged in the Internet industry a wealth of grassroots, non famous critic IT Wangzhuan master also, Internet marketer, IT industry for many years engaged in the occupation skill training of educators, so when the course for the first time in marketing, to fill the gaps in the industry, to obtain a good recognition.


Shanghai dragon

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