How to determine the site search engine active users

bookmark collections, including love Shanghai QQ bookmarks, bookmark noble baby there are many, many times we think a good site will make this website address is added to the collection clip for the next visit. The search engine is calculated through the analysis of the link will be able to jump to access the data website bookmarks visitors data, and judge it is also the site of active visitors.

as to how to increase user loyalty and how to improve the site in the field of authority, this kind of article is too much, there is no burden. The search engine can access through the active users various channels and means of website localization, you know the search engine is to determine the active user access to a web site through what channels to


four, cookies

2. website optimization focus, improve the visibility of the

users find a website in addition to direct access, jump links and other forms, the most important is the search keywords. And believe that the use of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools webmaster all know, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools background has a very detailed keyword, click rate, click on the amount of data, the search engine is through these keywords to analyze active access user data.


keyword search through what the user is active users? It is actually very simple, search site name, site name and other key words "this kind of keyword search users, search engine judgment is active users.

most of the websites and browsers support cookies data, you can record the visitors at a certain time or a certain period of time on the site of action >

what is the active user access site? Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to stationmaster listed three points: to answer, we need to solve the problem, naturally think of a website user; have to share, there is scarcely to talk, to immediately log on to a forum user; something in a web site to the user. But in my opinion from the following three aspects, mainly mean to everyone in the message:



recently released the "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform easily ignored Webmaster: active user data access this article", pointed out that the analysis process of website data often ignore the analysis of active access to user data in the website, webmaster attention.

1. to improve the site visit rate, increase user stickiness

3. to improve the user experience of the website

webmaster often love to add Links or visits and comment on each other, if there are often from the B comments on the A website, which is not related to that site from the B user is the active site of A

website in the relevant areas of focus The We all know that


, a search keyword


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