Google will upgrade AdSense advertising pages load faster

As with other

currently, Google is in the Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox baby aristocrat Microsoft Internet and Explorer 8 users worldwide deployment, and the speed will move to other browsers as soon as possible.


as everyone knows, the elements on the page, AdSense advertising will tend to increase the page load time. Last year, Google found by testing various web pages every popular website, AdSense ads will make its load time increased by an average of 12%, so Google decided to try to improve on this question.

today, Google finally realized this commitment. This new technology has been successful in most web sites and a variety of browser destroyed web page loading speed. The page loading time than before speed of 1 seconds. Most importantly, you don’t need to make any changes to the code or account. All of AdSense publishers will automatically realize web page loading speed, your visitors will be clearly realized "speed increase

March 18th news: Google Adsense blog, Google has developed a new advertising technology, can improve the site in the display AdSense advertising when the running speed of the AdSense advertisement is no longer restricted short board web browsing effect. The world of Web publishers AdSense loading speed will achieve a qualitative improvement.

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