Love Shanghai Google keywords ranking search engine update rule

two key words are not competitive, the tea set keywords to find relevant results about 1050000 home, only a top-level domain; the keywords to find relevant results about 6300000 tea gifts, home has four top-level domain, through the analysis of tea gifts with the keyword search volume no more tea set, but the competition is higher than tea set. From the keyword search volume and Google’s competitors, with not much difference between the love of Shanghai.

From the

began to optimize these two words a day from November 5th, plans to release the chain 50, the anchor text link 20, through a week two keywords in Google ranking has reached home, love Shanghai is completely indifferent, tea set is still tenth page position, 20 pages are still outside the gift tea and even on the show, now the past two weeks, ranking is still not much change.

tea set

love Shanghai Google has its own set of algorithms for keyword ranking. Love Shanghai pay attention to your weight, pay attention to the quality of Google, of course this is for some long tail keywords competition is relatively small; and for the love of Shanghai Google has a different period for keywords ranking, the same keywords, in the love of Shanghai achieved the ranking results come in slowly, and in Google almost a you can fix the week. Here are two key words I do, the competition is not very big, but it is absolutely the conversion of keywords. First look at the two key index:

the tea gift set (贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please go, thank you.

gift tea

keyword rankings can be seen, for Google keywords ranking cycle is much shorter than the love of Shanghai, general Google keyword time about a week the row will have significant changes, while the love of Shanghai is not the same, need to see the effect through several rounds of updates to small, even need to update keywords only the more obvious changes, so for the love Shanghai keywords ranking Shanghai dragon Er, must adhere to their own plans, whether popular keywords or competition small long tail keywords, is to have a relatively long period to see the effect, of course, popular keywords ranking need time is relatively longer some.

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