Each search engine of the foreign chain degree of attention

is not that we do not take the chain, but the chain gets really difficult, not a ranking of the new path, the chain is limited, not to simply exchange high weight links, in addition to get some signature, the release of some soft, basic can not do anything, only the rest of the path is to buy links, and risk buy black chain is very, very easy to be search engine punishment, if the purchase link, the cost is very large, ordinary owners simply can not afford the high cost, which is one reason why personal webmaster to do. The bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

to the two entity case to explain, the two sites are doing the product, is a three year old station, another has been more than a year of operation time, it is the old site, the two sites in the noble baby, a ranking is very on the other, a ranking is not ideal, and two sites in Shanghai love were ranked in the home, although not very front, but the effect is ideal, and two sites in the 360 search rankings, one in the second position, another in the first position, the ranking is very front.

in fact, there are many keywords competition, can adopt the content based way to do rankings, can also achieve the purpose of obtaining quality rankings, love Shanghai for the content of attention is still relatively high, the 360 also attaches great importance to the content of construction, while Google has left Chinese, which can not be considered, but if it is a high degree of competition keywords, by this way is obviously inappropriate, if you want to rely on a strong chain completely overcome the content, difficulty is quite big, and in a short time, play a role in the content is still relatively limited.

in the two sites, all the content, and high update frequency, seldom go to the hair of the chain, the chain number of each site are in the hundreds, but no home page links, are some of the inside pages of signature, these chains are released in the station. In order to accelerate the search engine is not included, in order to obtain the weight of the chain, basically no effect, very little effect, the website ranking plays in other words, the two sites ranked on the basic content to support, outside chain is only a supporting role to play.

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from this year to observe the situation, found that each search engine is a different degree of importance for the website update, from the point of view of the two entities found on Google’s case, do not pay attention to update, love Shanghai second, 360 search the most important updates, but also shows another ranking rules, Google the most important chain secondly, the love of Shanghai, the 360 do not pay attention to the chain.

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