Talk about two months to learn the experience and feeling of Shanghai Dragon

Author: Zhang Shouzhi

try every day to look at the video tutorials, those annoying is Shanghai dragon tutorial is not clear, some practical skills of the online operation are not clear! Just watching the video, while learning, slowly also know what words, what is the long tail keywords. But these are just Shanghai Longfeng fur. I also think Shanghai Longfeng opinionated these things will be. Oh that funny ah.

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but want to really learn the Shanghai dragon true things need to practice, only in practice in order to learn the things you want to learn. Now in the development of Shanghai dragon and China is not very early, foreign Shanghai Dragon technology development earlier than China, when I contact Shanghai dragon is to read some of the Shanghai Phoenix video on the Internet, then just know the search engine optimization, and even do not know Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization.

at this time I feel learning Shanghai dragon is a kind of fun, I know if you want to learn the real Shanghai Dragon technology, we must learn to do a website, for the actual operation, including the domain name selection techniques and space selection techniques, website optimization considerations, how to write the title of the site, site keywords how sure, the description of the website how to write many need practical problems. These problems I like learning, once for a start, do not know the first set of data in the local area, and then to the server process on the server, because of frequent lead to modify the title website or domain name is K, these small details make you success and failure of the Shanghai dragon.

so do a Shanghai dragon staff, you not only to carefully, the more perseverance, stick to it is the authentic Shanghai dragon er.

now I learned to me is not the same thing, every day to learn something new, know the Shanghai dragon is included in the inside of the network marketing, network marketing and network promotion including Shanghai dragon. Are not independent. Know that I also learned how to release of the chain, the release of the post, the pseudo original ability, writing ability, analysis ability of key words, use of network marketing tools and so on these network marketing personnel is also called Shanghai Longfeng personnel should have the ability of

Shanghai dragon has been 2 months, I want to write about my feelings, a lot of people on the Internet to ask what is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, learning some problems what shortcuts and so on, these are beginner Shanghai dragon friends want to know the answer.

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