Keywords Web application and select the wise remark of an experienced person shall not be careless

"website program? I don’t understand it, how to do?" program is one of the novice feel confused, I am no exception, zhayiting website construction need program, will naturally think of is not need to learn asp, PHP and other more esoteric things ah, is not required to write my own program and so on. This was what I do not understand it very difficult to think of a big head (until now I am not very proficient in program). However, when I really contact with the industry, that is not the way that I think (so difficult, so far).

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program solves the problem, then build a website! (program we must solve problems, or a headache. My first English learning website 365 because of procedural problems (not friendly to Google) by early Google K off, program and other reasons (say below) will lead to the station I have to give up, months of hard labor in vain, the mind is not the taste.

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network promotion must have their own website, so we need a web application.

has a website to promote.

"website program will not write" right? There are open source online, owners can choose according to their actual needs:

how to promote? Network promotion points paid promotion and free promotion. Pay promotion: auction, purchase advertising, advertising alliance advertising, the promotion for the strength of the enterprise (individual can, as long as you have enough money); free promotion mode: third party forum posting, blog writing, quiz platform, but is also very fruitful and we are key words then say about the choice – Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization).

with the development of Internet, network promotion becomes more and more important, both businesses and individuals to achieve their business development so as to improve their income through the network, so many websites and the webmaster, enterprises do not say (as explained below), here to talk about personal webmaster (especially beginners webmaster) how to better create wealth through the internet.

There is a very important work in the Shanghai Dragon – >

in Shanghai dragon is becoming increasingly prominent, especially in the search engine more and more widely used today, something found love Shanghai has almost become a common sense, it will drive us to the home page keywords website optimization to increase website exposure rate increased product turnover rate and improve their income by Shanghai dragon.

) The importance of )

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(there are many sites of the same type, I recommend this program only several other people can go to query

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