Sharing experience if love fast included new Shanghai

how to make search engines fast included, especially the love of Shanghai, so that the majority of new friends very troublesome problem, especially for cyber source of friends, it is difficult to get the high quality of the external links, then for no strong cyber source of new sites, if we let love Shanghai fast included? The answer is to use I love Shanghai’s own products: love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Post Bar know Shanghai library, make good use of this platform can not only bring the chain is very good, can let you love Shanghai fast included new sites.

some small experience:

for the establishment of a new website, the first problem to be solved is to be collected, today to share with you some of my personal experience, please bypass master ah, next is new, but the share is real in the dry cargo, are some experience of my own practice, hoping to communicate with ladies and gentlemen, common progress.

I just use the

1. time to get some love in Shanghai know a little higher level account, by doing the task soon can reach the three level, with the high level account leave link >

7, the new application domain name to build a new website, on the evening of 8 Shanghai recorded the home of love. The share of railway station after the establishment of me is if do, first I will submit your site to the "Google killer net", it is said that the site URL will soon be included, and discussing in the ask, relatively easy to leave a link to ask, ask on the afternoon included website home page. At the same time, the Shanghai love knows the small account proposed site related problems, accept to stay love Shanghai know that the site outside the chain. Here are some tips I link, first is to ask the link address in Shanghai know love, this link is relatively easy to stay, love Shanghai now audit is very strict, many links cannot answer directly through the following three basic account, it is difficult to leave a link, when the issue was two or three when I go to the person to answer, answer questions with a level Four account, leaving reference inside of the link, then the four level account answer is selected as the best, leaving a link. Then post in the corresponding Post Bar also said, leave a link, love Shanghai Post Bar leave the link easier. Because of love Shanghai to link their products to create repulsion, so love Shanghai know the problem of the time, I stay inside the link directly to the Post Bar in this first pass, is to use this in several ways left a few links, these links will soon be grabbed love Shanghai. Then in love Shanghai library uploaded 4 word documents, is a site outside the chain, at the end of Ali’s mother with the signature of the account website a few posts, soon to be love Shanghai grabbed the chain, in this way, on the evening of 8 Shanghai collection of love the front page of the site. In fact, the chain spider operation is very simple, especially for no new stationmaster of a lot of cyber source, the use of skilled, can often bring unexpected results.

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