Small and medium sized enterprises how to survive in the competition

This is the reason reasonable use of

in the face of this situation, we need to think about the optimization of staff, through the analysis of search engine rankings, open up a Shanghai dragon truth belongs to us. Some time ago, I also think deeply about the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng road where? Here in my program purchasing lottery together to buy the site to do the case, to share with you, my new idea of optimization in 2014.

my response is: give up this pan word, since large sites occupy the ranking, then my rival ranking certainly do not go up, then I will start from our Xiaofeng software product word. The search engine of the core keywords such purchasing procedure, buy lottery lottery together to buy, or favor the enterprise station. So this is our site keywords optimization object to do the main. So enterprises can not be lost, we can promote the enterprise site to a certain extent, Xiaofeng software enterprise brand.

1 small and medium-sized enterprises continue to do site optimization

website ranking has the advantage of long tail words, whether it is news source or download station, Shanghai still love their own products. The long tail word ranking is our small businesses like this incomparable. Egg stone, the results will only make us smashed to pieces. In the face of strong competitors, smart people know the strength of others, to show their. In the face of such a situation, I won’t let me to the wrong purchasing lottery together to buy program 贵族宝贝 this keyword and family competition ranking, I will use those large sites, so their rankings displayed through their website.


Internet resources. In fact, now many websites are using their own brand of news media, news media in the search engine ranking is very good, so we can improve the media use keywords ranking, indirect promotion of our products. We’d do marketing software, the purpose is very clear, is to sell products, product sales.

small business site in the search engine has been plagued by stationmaster friends. In recent years, Shanghai love search engine is more and more large sites, high weight site, small business station is very difficult to make up the ranking. Do we take purchasing lottery together to buy the site of the procedure, no matter how we optimize the website, it is very difficult to do the home page ranking, ranked by some large Tencent, download station news, Shanghai love their products can be said to occupy, the site’s ranking is not shake. So small business station how to survive in the competition in

The problem of ranking

search engine rankings, through the research I found that no matter what the industry, core keywords industry is small site occupies a strong ranking. As we Xiaofeng software, mainly the development of products has lottery software and net loan system. The study found that the lottery lottery system software, this functional word, large download website ranking is very good.

The large

2, using a large web site to do the long tail word ranking


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