A A5 in the end what bring to contribute

submission for what?

prior to the submission to the general web site outside the chain, now many years have passed, but we also don’t live for the chain of these awful? We must say NO! Remember some time ago DoNews blog to rectify? In the AC group inside everyone’s taboo to talk about Shanghai dragon, even writing talk about the mood, also released Shanghai Longfeng articles to earn the chain calls more small European comrades to rectify the goal is to have more "writers" instead of Er DoNews in the Shanghai dragon column! (although it is his personal support to rectify, but don’t agree with the rectification method, he backed out, because not everyone still think can a home drop)

second, visibility (just a little)



a A5 submission I bring what

in the A5



accidentally found this article is so many friends support, immediately showed off in micro-blog, the results of many friends came to support me, let me feel very gratified, gave me more power to writing.

now love Shanghai policy more is not conducive to the grassroots webmaster, love.

screenshot ?First, my friend


we can see clearly that this article gave me the high quality of the chain is reproduced bring awesome, with good nutrition to my new station, published an article before a love of spiders in Shanghai have not been recently, analysis of Web log frequency love Shanghai more than spiders. The number I in my website Oh, although Shanghai has not put out by love and no love for a new snapshot of Shanghai, such a visit, the visit of the total time and capture, personal feeling is quite awesome, after all, is an article submission result.

a A5 submission to me how much the chain

to the railway station with the link to bring love Shanghai chain

the three day of the reprint volume

then a A5 submission in the end give me what? Still think: a A5 submission is not just to bring the high quality of the chain, is more like-minded friends and unexpected cooperation.

The development of

let’s take a look at this article cloud: "love Shanghai official statement asking Shanghai there is no official authority" love to me how much the chain, published: 2012-07-19 15:08, on the first day in the webmaster support on the A5 on the list, three days after the day in this week and this month list the front.

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