Love is the need to optimize Shanghai PPC


Optimization of Bid and quality of

how to do Shanghai bidding for a lot of people are not strange, how let us do love Shanghai PPC bring greater benefits? We take a look at the details of things is very simple, can see light suddenly discovers these details I didn’t notice. I would love a Shanghai PPC optimization step topic, specifically how to operate it, we can from the following four aspects as reference.

third step, adjusting the keywordsKeywords


fourth step, creative and persistent

, the report data sorted out by analysis of


report for creative thought that everybody has contact, no contact with friends all the best to contact, because the creative report can help us to show the implementation of the monitoring and to assess the effect of the original creative. We can continue to optimize the analysis according to the TOP-N (in a system, sometimes need to sort the data according to certain rules and from the sorted list selected from the N data, the largest or smallest which is a TOP-N algorithm. The core of the creative positioning). If we are to promote the goal of achieving our different promotion targets can be respectively set up different promotion plan, but also the same structure and similar keywords finishing to the same promotion unit inside, then you can write for keywords ideas, but we should control the number of words of each promotion unit inside. This will ensure that the unit between keyword promotion and our creative writing more relevant. Special attention should be paid to the point, to ensure the best use of a wildcard every creative.

home page we first understand why you want to delete the words, sometimes we will because the number of keywords can be misleading here, with particular attention to one point is not the account number the better keywords, and the long tail keywords will also have limitations, if too many words are often caused by repetition of key words the situation. So when we add keywords, also want to put some useless those keywords removed, this is more conducive to our management.

bid to reduce or increase the basic are based on keywords effect statistics and analysis to make adjustments, we should pay attention to the effect of better and more cost-effective keywords body, remove or reduce the effect of the keyword bid. The effect is good when it is depends on the quality of the key words of the keywords quality high degree of users can spend less money to get good rankings.


we make every day to do complete data analysis, why? Because for statistical data processing and analysis, we can better plan what to do next.

second step, delete, finishing

The first step of

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