know Shanghai Longfeng knowledge literacy article a

these days have some knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng learning, although it is a rookie, but I believe that long-term unremitting efforts will bring me great achievements. Here summarized Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge, lay the groundwork for future study.

before, now know the absolute address to the home page, a lot of benefits, the preferred domain to determine the site can make search engine faster, to prevent the two or three network domain name search engine included virtual host and not included in the site of top-level domain can increase website weight, and I think that the website to be standardized many, many formal. This can help to establish a good image of a website, you say

?This site has a lot of our

I always heard the absolute address

URL, we have to do a lot of keywords, target keywords and long tail keywords. How to do but can have a good effect on Shanghai dragon, the answer is that each keyword corresponds to a URL, a plurality of key words corresponding to the same URL, instead of the same keyword corresponding to the number of URL. So you can focus on weight, not scattered. If >

about the domain name and the choice of space: if it is to do English station, domain name must be with the keywords you do; Chinese station there have been no special requirements, the main attention can be simple and easy to remember. As for the space should be steady and fast, so as not to let users wait, who know that the user does not have the patience to wait a very slow site open, even if your site get better, but also not seen by the user has been kicked out, this is a website the most basic. But when buying space space is not ask can expand the space, the development of the website you need a more powerful memory function and a little space as I think it is?.

I have seen before doing so on station html is a little also not understand, then I learned some basic content on the Internet, there are some understanding, but personally think that do not need to know the Shanghai dragon too much HTML, of course, still must be based, such as the three label website, that is the title, keywords, description. The three label is based in Shanghai dragon, you can write the title such as: < title> 1_ 2_ 3_; keywords keywords keywords website name < /title> style, keyword tags can be written in < meta name=" keywords" content=" key words 1, 2 keywords, keywords, 3" /> the description tag can be written in < meta name=" description" content=" style, of course, the premise is to know what is the key to do, the so-called know ourselves victorious, it needs to understand the competition you have to do the industry, see what keywords is appropriate.

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