Seize the hot news website to improve the local search volume

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said that the original is actually not, "


is very ashamed, basic didn’t do enough for optimization, only some scattered Shanghai Longfeng knowledge system, so think of where it is optimization where it, but still a lot of problems. So I think in third to remedy.

this incident makes me realize that local news sites have timeliness, regardless of your content, as long as it is hot, people are concerned about the content, it will lead to click, love Shanghai also favored. I love Shanghai search algorithm analysis, including timeliness and hot, add two points.

18:02 on October 13, 2011, the Weihai City blackout, which is a hot, my first reaction was to write some news on the Internet, because some time ago when the Weihai earthquake, love Shanghai billboard search "Weihai earthquake" was ranked first, of course, my service network in Weihai on the line just half a month, love Shanghai search records is just over the review period, 10 of the time found recorded amount is only 10, but not stable. In fact, I don’t, but writing is smooth, and then reflect the neighbors and they see the blackout, send a piece of news. Second day watch when site traffic cases, more than several hundred IP, began to think that is encountered post machine? But area is IP from Weihai, and then look at the key words is the source of love on the city of Weihai in search of Shanghai power, Anxi heart, search for "Weihai City blackout" in my article the second position, the first is the love of Shanghai news. I’m just a half a month of on-line small website article can row second, but behind Weihai’s old site, or a little proud of it.

Three, adhere to the original content of

to talk about my experience, and I hope that we can discuss, have the wrong place please pointing out, let me have a little progress.

for the first time in the A5 submission, before is to see more, learn all your experience. Has been eager, no way too lazy, no execution.

two, the website internal structure optimization

and the Internet deal also has six or seven years, really want to do their own websites or for the first time, had done, but with the piracy program, a lot of problems, coupled with the restrictions of space, finally gave up. Later, the capital in the A5 group purchase to buy genuine program and VPS. To do well again, also give an account of his own. VPS is the United States, because I do not have the ability to run the company, the record is a problem. At the beginning of the VPS always has the problem, then it is stable. Of course, can also speed, and domestic than not.


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