Some small and medium sized site keywords optimization principles

long tail keywords ranking, website traffic and ranking, we have the opportunity to exchange for higher quality Links. Also have the opportunity to battle with the opposite portal station.

how difficult?

three, the pursuit of the core keywords optimization, will let you lose many opportunities to show their website.

, a core keyword competition, is not a short period of time can go beyond.

three, when the website home page, column page, the inside pages included normal, when the flow rate increased steadily, started from the competition.

four, when your long tail keywords optimization to a certain period of time, we will seek the core keywords. Only this time, you have the opportunity and competition portal core keywords.

we just open a portal, look at the column anchor link to others, how many "Huaian website construction", the number of "Huaian website", how many "Huaian network company", a large portal, ranging from a few two domain names, many dozens of the two level domain name, meaning they each column from the beginning of the line, with the anchor link several or even dozens of high weight domain or hundreds of pages, you want to go beyond it, through the chain

two, for the website homepage, we advance to the optimization of the keyword based web site name.

, two small sites with limited resources, and optimize the key word and the long tail word often even to care for this and lose that empty handed.

you blindly pursue core keyword optimization, but the core keywords abnormal difficult, May 2 years time to let you stay in 20 outside, and at this time, because you are too optimization of core keywords, long tail keywords in the performance is poor, lost a lot of chance to show myself, and the loss of the show, click, means that you will lose users active propaganda and chain.

generally, for small and medium-sized Web site keywords optimization, I put forward the following suggestions:

, to optimize the long tail keywords and articles within the pages of keywords. The best way is, every index in the first mining long tail keywords below 50, to optimize the column or the article page.

is a small site, is because you do not have enough people and enough money, it is doomed to the content and the chain resources you can get Limited (for example, you don’t have a line of several to dozens of high weight two domain anchor link resources). So, we need to focus on the advantages of the power law, that is all able to take advantage of the resources are used to optimize the long tail keywords. For example, I do website construction site, I first optimize, this word is certainly not the "construction site", but "Huaian site construction", or "symptoms" of cervical spondylosis, because these words do not usually appear in the anchor in the form of portal navigation bar, even in many pages, it is beyond the probability is much greater.

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