How to determine your success in Shanghai Dragon

The success of

two, executive power, even if you know how many Shanghai dragon skills, and you don’t have the ability, then you will not be a successful Shanghai dragon, I think Shanghai needs more time is long, there is enough time to implement their own customized Shanghai dragon plan far beyond the aimless Shanghai dragon Er, a target, have the ability to have a policy, you go out, then you can succeed in half.

three, insist, do Shanghai dragon knows the ranking is not a day two days of things, not to say that today, tomorrow can be ranked up, most of the time, love Shanghai crazy let many people feel more anxious, the result is not so well, a lot of people are wrong in their will to succeed you do not know their own from the success of only one step away, but chose to give up, seeing himself towards the road to success, and chose to give up. For example, new optimization, site has not been included calm love Shanghai, adhere to a month, two months, or even longer, is the last day, he continued to find the answer, ask to see the master, why? While they did not persist, often appear on this problem. Ask other people in their own love, until the Shanghai update, but found that his site was collected, but wondered why he do not hold down.

four, integrity, a lot of people think, Shanghai dragon with the integrity of what do, here I can tell you that the integrity of the means is not your boss, for the customer "

, that is the Shanghai dragon skills, of course, Shanghai Dragon technology is not difficult to say, but can not say that is not difficult to understand how to optimize the site, understand how to analyze the website, search engines use to understand, also understand the Shanghai dragon, also understand the code, understand the love of Shanghai algorithm mechanism, understand how do the ranking, but also understand the Shanghai dragon, just Shanghai dragon of ability is different, different levels of search engine. But in a Shanghai dragon all don’t know to say he was a success in Shanghai dragon that is nonsense, the success of the Shanghai dragon must be based on how Shanghai to become the dragon, is the most basic.

Shanghai, in my opinion it must be some skill:

recently a lot of people in the basic elements of success have discussed Shanghai dragon, of course, these views I cannot deny, occupied the ability is not a good thing, but in the field of electronic commerce, electronic commerce is still not clear what is the electronic commerce, electronic commerce and the necessary skills or what, no international expressly, but for today we are talking about what is the success of Shanghai is of course not the provisions of the dragon, that is, whether you are successful in Shanghai dragon is not to say that you must have what website ranking do first, is not to say that you must be in the industry have much visibility, but you must understand what is the Shanghai dragon, so you have the qualifications to say you understand Shanghai dragon.

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