According to Shanghai dragon why consulting common problems the author answers

, a website article seconds second days and no

included a few reasons can explain

1, station matching as rival


two, why website articles are not included in

3, you have to do now is in the chain before continuing efforts to continue to maintain the frequency of updating the

The chain of station ?This is not

three, the chain, PR included all opponents how rankings do not

2, is going on?Is that domain webmaster tools

4, the number of the chain is not a day to search engine, search engine will do you release some time ago in the big update every time the chain.

3, you issued the original how if it is repeated online it is hard to be included in

2, released in a certain time will be included (the chain information platform is often the case)

seconds after they see the reason is that Shanghai love you included the article at the time, will be updated in the database for statistical analysis of your article should not put up at the next. If your article is original in time then disappeared the next update will be released, this is only a matter of time, there are a lot of acquisition station now, love Shanghai so as to ensure that the user experience, so this situation is very common. If your original station reached more than 80% I think in the future not long in the right lifting up severe love Shanghai naturally the seconds of your article.

, I love Shanghai five site weights rise slowly, how is it?

1, see Shanghai love chain not use Webmaster Tools query query the related domain only included with your web site if the text inside is not check the sex of Shanghai is just to do this because the description text links this data is only for us a reference.

?Keywords Release of is going on?Answer: the site was

in answer to your question I ask you at your station is sex or Shanghai to promote Google? >

3, but now even forum was collected also will be released within 2 days or second days, because the love of Shanghai database may also to determine this article you should stay online for an update on the.

2, outside the chain of how much data the current YAHOO is not used I recommend a English you try to use it very powerful

is not the chain of bovine B chain is a rival to the quality of high quality of the chain can even cover your more than 100 links

1, you release time point, when you release just stood away so the spider is not included in

four, the chain will increase up to

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