Brand promotion and Shanghai dragon road which is more important

when we can not only focus on the corporate brand building of Shanghai dragon or throw the helve after the hatchet is the promotion, should be both a good fusion, in the promotion of the time.

and promotion initiative compared to Shanghai dragon is active users search needs more, but many industry users did not use search engines to access this habit, entrance today in the comprehensive development of the Internet is not only the search engine Sina, micro-blog, portal website, navigation website traffic is very big.

is not the astronomical dumplings this year, last year when the media have exposed the high price of 1780 yuan dumplings, and it is one of the company’s products. And the Internet is priced at 1000 yuan dumplings gift most point to the same brand of the imperial palace". The company under the banner of "imperial palace" banner, will transfer the subtle ancient emperor eat Zongzi is such a concept to the user to become successful endorsement astronomical dumplings, brand marketing is very successful, this year is in short supply sales are very popular.

brand promotion

"you really nice pants, where to buy? Do you use mobile phone millet!" we often hear such words, people pursuit of brand has been ingrained, the enterprise wants to be in the era of e-commerce gold must also establish their own brands in order to seize the initiative in the Internet, brand promotion and Shanghai dragon what is more important? Please be a little humble opinion niche.

analysis of

it is Shanghai dragon or brand promotion our purpose is to create more profits for the enterprise, and for the Shanghai dragon it must be targeted keywords to optimize for the promotion or promotion company or product, but an enterprise’s most valuable brand. Those products are in the brand under the mobile phone when we think apple now, said bag will think of LV, Blackberry mobile phone on the function more powerful than apple but not the audience, because the two companies are built on the concept of brand is different, so the results are different.

in China popular now a word is not only expensive to buy ", more and more attention to brand value rather than goods more people. Take this year’s Dragon Boat Festival for example: a box of astronomical dumplings dumplings 1880, actually taste it in general, so what makes such a box of dumplings can be sold to the price of

Although ? Shanghai dragon


Shanghai Longfeng is rely on search engines to survive, almost all the traffic from search engines, but even if we put the key words do it first will find their own imagination and results vary greatly, because the popular words of love Shanghai has a lot of bidding, and there are a large part of the purchase needs no search is useless for us. Shanghai dragon and the time required for a long time, if we choose right then you need to start again this will waste a lot of time and energy.

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