A5 marketing four points down the right of real estate network after the need to pay attention to

then, right down the real estate network do not change after the website template. As the saying goes, people Yaolian tree bark wire pole to cement, real estate website is the same, a good real estate website, the quality of real estate website, must be equipped with a good template template determines the user experience of the website, allowing users to search the house when the real estate website can see this property the advantage of the net, beautiful. But a lot of real estate website is down right after love replacement templates, anyway, site is down right there is no replacement of a template, this is a mistake, if you replace many template >

love from Shanghai salon internal message to a website to let love Shanghai love, must be a quality system, such as site quality, quality, quality and resource page content quality, especially the optimization of real estate website many are not in compliance with the quality system of Shanghai love, often lack the quality system caused by falling right, many people may think of my real estate network is of high quality, but the lack of the other three is still the right to be reduced. When the right down the real estate network many webmaster website templates and procedures change again, only the domain name and host does not change, then to make a website, then the next time is right down to do repetitive work, causing the site to drop right in a cycle of death, can also be said to have the webmaster capital. About the author and the real estate website owners talk about it, three points of real estate website drop right after the need to pay attention to.

points: do not change the site down right after the procedure

on Thursday night with the Shanghai love big update, many industry websites have the right to be reduced, K, pull hair, the most serious is Bibi with classified information network, as well as other industry websites, the webmaster is undoubtedly a devastating blow, the same year 6.28 events you can see the love there will be a big change in Shanghai. Of course, the love of Shanghai on Thursday after the big update part area real estate website by the Shanghai love right down, a lot of real estate website long does not stop complaining why we love Shanghai, the station will be no cheating optimization right down to it, we are optimized according to the regular white hat. According to the survey, not only the real estate network owners have such idea, in other industries as well as the webmaster.

first, real estate net drop right after not easily replace site procedures. The site selection procedures is very important for the site, and is like the human body. Officer, to everyday life, the light of heart from care job, must have a good body and officer. After a lot of real estate network is down right, the webmaster is the first thing to consider whether to change the site procedures, and then re do, empathy, if a person in life by a number of hit or disabled, is not to replace a new body. Of course, this is just an example, on the contrary, the website and people is a reason, so the real estate network is down right after not easily replace site procedures.

two points: drop right after do not change website template

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