15 does not improve the site ranking strategy of Shanghai Dragon

2, XML site map or submitted to the search engine does not improve the keywords ranking, XML site map only to the search engine to provide a crawling path, if the site structure buried too deep, you can use this method to the spider crawling.

A lot of factors affecting

website ranking, website links (such as internal and external links), content, weight and so on, how to improve the site’s ranking? Many Shanghai dragon Er did a lot of work, but do a lot of work for the website ranking optimization are of no use. In the optimization process, we do what exactly nothing? Next to the 15 Shanghai dragon strategy is not about improve the site’s ranking, search engine visitors, conversion or sale, of course, these are just for a noble love baby, Shanghai should not differ too much. The following 15 points will not improve website ranking.

, 12 copies of other website, no original or high quality website ranking is very difficult to modify, if just right


8, link blindly focus on advertising, advertising links will not provide the spider path, will not help ranking, banner ads, Google AdWords links and other forms not included in your link.

The ALT property of

to redirect the other station redirected to their website, it will not improve website ranking.

10, link to Google or other well-known sites, is also the export link does not improve the website ranking, only high quality import links will help ranking.

6, filling content, keyword is we often say that the work is not to improve website ranking, but will be punished by search engines.

, 1 yuan for keywords, keyword meta tags in the familiar, and know that for the website ranking is no effect, I am not introduced.

11, the use of

9, a new lot of entrance ", with different offers in the form of a large number of index pages for search engines, but if the content is not enough, it is easy to cause a large number of duplicate pages, most likely formed content farms, does not improve the website ranking.

7, each page is not the same keyword positioning improve website ranking.

4, as the title tag H tag: tag is just a way to tag the title of your website code, but the H label may or may not use, but will not improve the site to flow from the noble baby.

3, a title attribute, simply add the title title for that attribute will not improve website ranking.

5, you can click on the picture to use keywords, in most cases, can not click on the picture of the ALT label is not to provide you with a text of the rankings, ALT can click on the image, is actually used to describe the image of the page to.

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