Selection of keywords before the three preparations


index is high enough, but a really want to see a doctor who and how could only search the hospital? So the Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to these points in the analysis of key words: flow

I believe that Keywords Keywords:

selection method believe we have heard a lot, the author is to sing the same old song, but I share this is the choice of keywords preparations. The author thinks, should choose good keywords, we must first do the three work: analysis of relation keywords, keywords analysis flow, competition analysis of keywords. The following is to introduce one by one.

Shanghai dragon can be divided into ZhengZhan optimization and independent keyword optimization, but according to the current understanding of Shanghai Longfeng market is still in the keyword optimization, after all, a good key words do go up, can bring a lot of traffic. But the choice of keywords is not casually, the optimization of the site later keywords success or not to play an important role.


is a part of Shanghai dragon Er will be the most important one of the words, how much traffic to the website optimization effect, there are many methods for flow analysis of key words, if not I said, Shanghai dragon Er can list three or four. But the author here the emphasis is on the analysis of key words, the flow is not just look at the index, index of decision flow. We cite a simple example, such as the words "hospital", the index is as follows:

first analysis the relation of

choice is not blind, because we always take into account the relationship between key words and the theme of the site. Shanghai dragon er but few will take into account the relation between key words and key words. How to explain this sentence? The author to do a simple example, if we are to do a industrial machinery enterprise station, we can only choose keywords in a keyword display products, may also take other products of the machine are written into the keywords, it should give full consideration to the connection of keywords the screenshot, give you an analysis:

above is done very well, the great products are written in. What are the benefits of doing so? First will let the search engine think your site with these products, but these products are closely linked, as long as one of keywords ranking, also can be very good to promote other keywords ranking; secondly, familiar with the industry client is not only interested in one you are, in the title, keywords, can be very good to let customers see other interested products, thus greatly improve the conversion rate of enterprises, so it is very important to the analysis of the key link.

second: analysis of key words flow

Keywords Keywords


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