The site is down right and K N reasons

site of the robots.txt file appears fault, the spider helpless deformity visit ", the website is the possibility of K, Google released the most intense time, probably in 24 hours, the love of Shanghai is relatively more slowly, usually within a week.

fell in love with the sea K station need reason? Obviously, the answer is yes, according to the issues mentioned below, the review of the existence of their own websites:

take CSS or other means of "text hidden, this is typical of the cheating action, with the current development of cheating, this is rarely, more common is the web page is linked to the horse.

When the

automatic refresh code "Refresh" on the web page refresh will jump directly, which belongs to the fraud, the result is self-evident.

6, hidden links

1, robots.txt wrong file

3 key words, highly repetitive

JS code is always the major search engines to understand the question, in the beginning of "normal problems included (sharp reduction), the Department of webpage source code to minimize the emergence of JS times, if necessary, can be combined with the JS code, is the main part of web content, the top of the JS code appears less the better, as far as possible will be placed in front of the main content. "JS will cause the site to drop right, K didn’t invent.

for a web site, search engine, and adapt to the progress that weight >

for a new website, just start gathering, to affect the search engine so that the process is not good, common problems included, right down, K.

2, refresh the page

content acquisition


, the top 4 JS code too much

7, frequent revision

here and the repeated stack is a concept, when a spider will crawl the web page back to the server after the victory, "the first search engine to determine quality. This may be the first drop right, along with the gradually increased ", will trigger the interference mechanism directly K off the search engines, engineering and process recovery are absolutely great.

The application of

for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, to exercise the psychological suffering, is a very good way, love Shanghai fall right, almost every day in K station. Although many say Shanghai has its own problems. However, personal feel, when the problem presented in front of us, first to find the cause from their own, is the best way to solve. I haven’t met such a problem, some of the articles and blog rarely mentioned with reference method. How many days before the blog page was K, with reason is the blog page optimization is moderate, is important because the cause of the blog program. Today, according to Shanghai’s love of share right down to K station on my opinion.

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