Close the open information dotting advertisement gene value of the road

user experience is mainly advertising dotting passive advertising. Direct user experience is the mouse over the ads everywhere, hard to users don’t need. While a large number of advertising result when loading the image browser stuck, greatly affect the user reading fluency ". The key is to choose the keywords the user is not interested in most advertising dotting. For example: problems, responsibilities, data, cars, sports broad meaning of words.

The success and failure of win situation

dotting advertising ":

a key success of a product in the market or not is the value of business models and products, we have to say creating a seamless dotting advertising media and advertising business model, the user can through the media advertising dotting, random, direct and frequent see advertising, which is also a kind of force, active, interested in advertising delivery behavior. It provides a docking platform for media and advertising, in the income distribution, three are profitable, but it ignores the user. A little more directly, it ignored the user experience. Dotting the advertising initial success lies in the correct business model, which is a win-win situation, and failure is that it ignores the value of the product, the two indispensable. In fact, the value of the product is not source of media, not advertising, but users. This is a party to ignore dotting advertising, so the real and the continued success of the business model is not only a win-win situation, should be the four win situation, and this is the value of gene information ".


gene four

1, gene selection jargon or some obscure obscure words in the Internet, to help users to facilitate the timely understanding of the inherent information of these words includes, and provide relevant information to the user in a timely manner. A detailed breakdown of gene information keywords, not the users do not need to know the vocabulary.


"gene" product value: starting from the user experience

"gene" product value realization: professional vocabulary mining

on this kind of advertising dotting the words can not cause the user’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge, just let users passively accept words related advertising, which is very low level of user experience, and greatly reduces the user experience, and therefore did not reach four win situation, most users can’t get the information they want from the advertising point. The information that is not gene dotting the advertising business model is wrong, but the value of the product is not good, we should change the angle of view from the user’s perspective, mining user needs, meet the needs of users, to attract more users, establish a valuable road information transfer.


2, users only stay in the mouse click or keywords >

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