How to win in the difference of the website technology

and if your site is to attract their jokes, they will naturally browse your site. After months of development, there are many users actually directed my joke, is every time without going through the search engine search, directly open. And this situation and the search engine will be captured, a site can have so many directional users, nature is the best site, the ranking is better. Since I got out of the fight outside the chain of tragic career, opened in Shanghai Dragon technology.

is to make their own net, that time seems to put their own net into Mars seems like the tide. So long as it is to my website will play this function, and this function is to keep the user. When the user next time you need to use this function must first think of your site. If a friend asked him how to get your name is so cool, people will be happy to tell his friends is the function of your website.

is now in the business competition are very different competition, because competition homogenization of the increasingly fierce, the homogenization of competition also led to more and more difficult road to go. So we are looking for the difference of the road, walk the road that others have not tried. In fact, our website is the same reason, more of whose differences, whose website is novel, who will get more users. Now the Shanghai Dragon Technology and means are more and more homogenization, Shanghai dragon has reached a mature stage, you will be the couple who will not ah, the fight is executed when you use the same technique to fight competition, execution is tired. What is the difference with the earlier 7 billion electricity price war ah, thanks to ah. So do the Shanghai dragon sometimes ideas is also very important, sometimes want to easily beat his opponent to win the Shanghai dragon in technology depends on thinking, here to share with you the two case.

just learning Shanghai Longfeng not long time, in order to make a stand to practice hand. Do you know a joke website, this website although commercial joke is not strong, but the competition is great. Because the content is good, and easy to spread out, I believe that so many friends just learning Shanghai dragon made joke website. As everyone knows, the original joke industry basically is unlikely, not what to write jokes. So the content basically is that you copy me, I copied him, his copy of your. The user experience is similar, not what the difference is too big, the biggest difference is the WHO website advertising a little less, no pop.

in the content and user experience are not the same time, in a few years ago, only the fight is the chain. You send me one hundred one hundred and fifty, you see me one hundred and fifty, I made two hundred. By this method the competition too tired, then I thought of a way, I added a function of text on your website. Converted to traditional Chinese characters, words like Mars, especially when Mars popular paper. As long as I came to the site will play the function for up to

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