Shanghai Longfeng boutique station keywords prompt experience

The last 30 days ?The last 90 days

Keywords: foreign intermediary



search index: 110

The The overall

a quick look, or a good thing, although a little big fluctuation… Stop! The problem is here, why would such a big fluctuation of


then made a test for this keyword. A month ago, no shots, sorry…

results show that the natural search volume of this keyword is few, really someone in the brush (including myself ^_^), can be seen from the data area, Beijing and Wuhan in the brush of the word, the more to brush down, never up. The word on the N after long without a flow over, really not worth (end).


because of the long stem "negative" Shanghai dragon work, see a word index can also be in a process of keyword selection, think to do or not do? Love Shanghai index checked and found the problem, the following is started.

data time again, that is not the word before May. The love of Shanghai index here is not very detailed, I observed this keyword data have three months, most of the time and the curve of Figure 1 is similar to suddenly appear and disappear.


last year,

for the general station, is the basic content. At the beginning of a look is not echocardiography? Then look at a specific data

three: does anyone in brush the word


please indicate the original articles reprinted from Ukiyo-e: 贵族宝贝0668ds贵族宝贝/ A5

index is still fluctuated, sometimes even 0. This time began to think, the key is how much value? It’s


two: natural phenomenon, not to multi

is just a sudden inspiration, if you only want to do high quality keywords around one hundred, you can see below. Keywords mass screening for mining, I also in the dark…

? ] causeI

: love Shanghai index


may be a problem: in some industries, such as industry, education industry, there are two days of ultra low


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