By love Shanghai wide K station Shanghai dragon Er future

don’t love Shanghai, seek another way

love to love Shanghai, Shanghai

did you choose to love Shanghai, then do not blame, love Shanghai has his own rules of survival, can not adapt, don’t love Shanghai. I see a lot of people say that love to composition of the anti Shanghai alliance, I feel pretty funny. A proverb is "Pifu shake the tree," love Shanghai certainly has his own theory of change, it will not deviate from the original intention of the search engine, but will not deviate from the user, change in order to better serve customers. So, if you want to have sex in Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er, you must learn to adapt.

6.28 the legendary K station, I don’t know what you see, anyway, Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng see panic, see is the endless conjecture, endless complaining, cool and forced the webmaster helpless expression. K by all kinds of phenomenon of Wuhan Shanghai dragon people think of many, the most important thing is the future of Shanghai dragon er. The search engine changes and the unstable factor, Shanghai dragon Er is too weak, too low, you can endure the change to love Shanghai, but the boss can not stand.

I believe most of the webmaster or love Shanghai, although it came to her, but he did at home to do good, often say "can’t resist, it.

Wuhan Shanghai dragon idlers believes that any future big Internet Co need to search engine technology, will provide users with convenient search service, users can quickly find what they need, then, to find information not limited to the use of search engines, may then, Tianya will also provide search service, you can find a movie, anyway, you need to find the gossip can go to find it. To this point, we offer from Qihoo 360 now television service can see the primary model. For the enterprise? Then we need not only to search engine included, we are more related to their business data submitted to the relevant industry website with the company, and then in the industry website according to search engine technology to optimize the product related information to obtain a better ranking, with the current Alibaba and Taobao very similar. The ranking of the search and we study Shanghai dragon Er to do is industry, use their income to optimize enterprise sales of the product or service information.

The so-called love is not

Shanghai dragon Er future where

in Shanghai, said do not hang in a tree, the search engine Google, soso, and love Shanghai, a Sogou, do not love Shanghai you can do other. In addition, you can also use other forms of promotion for web traffic such as Weibo, blog, community and B2B to their own site. If your site is strong enough, you can fall in love with the baby out there alone, as we all know watch entertainment news is Sina, see gossip, like Tianya mop贵族宝贝.

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