Novice how to counter attack loss love Shanghai auction account

car parking lock products is relatively a regional product, because the products are Android, maintenance and other requirements. As the company in Changsha, but put the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area such as Fujian, where customers are more willing to buy local products or manufacturers, dealers, because they provide door-to-door delivery, installation and other services.

3, too littleThe

wildcard entry-level skills, the author also popular word precise matching, general phrase matching, matching mode and negative and extensive keyword. Of course, some words, according to the account to adjust.

before writing the work experience, writing of creative and description or a certain grasp. Constantly absorbing the counterparts of creativity, the author also repeatedly observed other machinery and other industries for creative writing, do not try a variety of creative.

1, put the region too wide

last year, the company also launched love Shanghai for advertising, but ultimately ended in losses. The author carefully analyze the structure before the account, on the situation and so on, summed up the reasons for loss of bidding are as follows.

the account before only 2 plan, the promotion unit set abloated keywords and only more than 100. Although parking lock products belong to a small minority of mechanical products, but also a manual, remote control, intelligent parking lock and induction of. The synonym has parking lock, lock, and love Shanghai index in more than 100.

, a former account absorption loss of the lessons of

2, creative writing and description of

three, account monitoring and.

In addition to the

1, re diction and phrase segmentation

love Shanghai word background digging tool, digging golden words, I also own tools 2 site 1 years of data collection, select a lot of useful long tail word brush. Secondly, remove some of the low conversion of words, such as Changsha parking lock installation etc..

two, re establishing account

draw lessons of the previous account losses, digging in the word, word group under the foot work.

Keywords In addition to the use of

, 1 of them had a rather baffling love Shanghai K off, and free Shanghai Longfeng flow has reached a bottleneck. Want to expand the business, in addition to multi platform marketing, and then re enable the 1 love Shanghai auction account. I used to only operate Sogou bids, without any practical experience of love Shanghai bidding, this paper talk about a novice in walking and experience love for Shanghai.

2, the unreasonable structure of

3, using a variety of matching

keyword is only more than 100, obviously too little. Keywords and not accurate, as Hunan Zhuzhou, Xiangtan city didn’t put the key words.

There are 3 stations account to attract the eyeI had a

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