Look out website promotion is not only the chain

, put the manuscript in the portal in the media, there will be very few with a link to the article. But why there are so many people? Because they pay more attention to the media "spread" and "popularity". For example.

any website, have a part of its industry, since it is a industry there must be people to pay attention to this industry. In this one, the website promotion to do is make the site become a distinctive industry in existence. The only way to attract eyeball, this part of the customer will win over. How to attract these people? In fact, the industry of Internet users to find their own what? It is the information needed. As long as you will do the most incisive information industry, it is not afraid of traffic? Even if some day in the future search engine does not love you, so if things go on like this accumulated flow will not go away from you.

A little known as

three: the use of media to promote

two: regional brand promotion

some site itself is not suitable for a wide range, such as the "Beijing Shanghai Dragon – binary word, is to focus on the promotion of" Beijing Shanghai Longfeng binary ", rather than" Beijing Shanghai dragon ", then I don’t need crazy for a site to increase the chain, because I do is a the one and only in the local brand. Promotion of good populations are more likely to gain a good reputation in the local. For example, speaking of the webmaster nets, Adsense will say "A5", but not "admin5贵族宝贝" said;. And these are not, must rely on the chain can be completed. Think of a way to let others remember your name, do a good job in the construction of local brands, natural flow will come. The reason to say is the promotion of local brands and non brand promotion, because it is easy to do a small fine, more easy to find the precise flow of local.

speaking of website promotion, what is your first thought? Crazy chain promotion? But network promotion is just so? In fact, the Internet every day are at the stage of every kind of promotion. Small to a news broadcast, similar to a staggering "3Q" slobber war, no not to do the promotion of "money". But in the webmaster? But all day for the search engine promotion and trouble. Good luck, with the promotion of the chain rankings on the upgrade, can even go up some bad luck can not avoid is right down the risk.

: industry groups to promote

this is the fate of stationmaster? In fact, webmaster do website promotion is caught in a misunderstanding: "website promotion is equal to the chain extension". Because of this, the site was not the heteronomy if things go on like this, the flow of the initiative. Look at those who grow up the site, the chain extension has been far away from them, but the flow is only a lot more. The stationmaster? Good chain, also don’t be removed several links. See here, you have touched the webmaster? Yes, website promotion is not only push the chain.

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