4399 founder Li Xingping gave us what inspired Shanghai Dragon

4399 games so many IT people with the platform, the success of Li Xingping not only created the Internet business low threshold myth, also gave our employees the inspiration of Shanghai dragon

concluded that every successful Internet people have many worthy of our Shanghai dragon learning direction, however, you need to apply for the Shanghai dragon

!The development of !

in November 26, 2011 just hosted the Beijing MADcon station eight years party 4399 vice president that the Ni Wei, Li Xingping has the oldest computer, 4399 games to ensure the speed of any computer interface. Whether it is visible in 4399 games or do Shanghai dragon or the user experience is always the root of our website, only the creation of high quality, good experience of the content is the development of Shanghai dragon king.

the teacher Li Xingping to the head of the enlightenment explicitly said Li Xingping was very focused on teacher links, especially Links, visible Links Shanghai dragon is always ranked as the most effective means. "Content is king, the emperor".

, you have a resource will determine the Shanghai Dragon Road

the most effective means

five, the most primitive and most effective


four, vision and execution will determine the success of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon dragon

copyright Shanghai dragon Vedio (please keep) 贵族宝贝 Shanghai video.cn/search-engine/ -teacher/110.html

as the Shanghai dragon you not only need to find more effective mode of operation, should have a strong executive power, with your eyes to find the effective ways of learning, to reflect the Shanghai dragon your skill level with your execution.

said "the most simple still use the HTML language teacher Li Xingping introduced in the middle of visible if you want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must learn Shanghai dragon is based on the HTML language, the most effective web source code is the HTML language, is said to be static.

will dominate the development of user experience on your site

in the 4399 game of Li Xingping ushered in the spring before the teacher hao123 to become famous, he not only created a site navigation myth, also subtle inspiration Shanghai dragon, Xingping teacher at the bar when the network is established based on a large number of user experience personal page, help the majority of Internet users. At that time, Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station group strategy has the basic shape, then the Shanghai dragon if you want to go further, we need to establish their own resources in Shanghai dragon.

three, the link is always Shanghai dragon ranking


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