Love Shanghai for search results with V credit rating deceived consumers receive full compensation

this credit rating is the main reference site qualification, certification, satisfying behavior, willingness to protect the reputation and comprehensive evaluation of the credibility of. At present, the system is divided into three levels, from V1 to V3, V3 is the most advanced.

if consumers are cheated when shopping sites plus V, fell in love with the sea will be full compensation.

love Shanghai vice president Zhu Guang said that if the site suffered report plus V, involved in illegal behavior, the website will face the offense, even revocation V sign. (Wang Jiecong


as of January this year, Shanghai love credibility V certification has covered all the results of business promotion, for example in Shanghai love to search for "iPhone5" and "cold medicine, detergent and other words, love Shanghai in search results" link "department finally, have a blue" V "label.

love Shanghai today officially unveiled network credit system which has been in the implementation of Shanghai V credibility of love". The principle of operation is to search results credit rating, in order to strengthen the search results by user.

for the official website of the government, the media, schools, hospitals, public organizations and other institutions, in the sea will accelerate the opening up channels plus V, and for some businesses, like the Shanghai project and the third party certification agencies.

in May last year, love Shanghai issued a plan to protect the interests of users, promote commitment to encounter search results phishing netizens do to admire, there are already 895 cases.

love Shanghai, love Shanghai has at present V on nearly 3 million sites, and the V site is the result from the promotion of the natural search results, the sites plus V can account for 30% of the search results.

NetEase Francisco March 12th news website in the search results have shopping cheated this the largest Shanghai Shi’s love search share of the enterprise has been criticized, but the problem of change in an effort to love Shanghai.

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