Shanghai dragon Er novice you are captive

a few years ago the Shanghai dragon unknown words, has now become the keywords can be enough to prove the ability of Shanghai dragon er. See from the search results and love love Shanghai Shanghai index can, relevant training institutions such as the Shanghai dragon appeared like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. But there is not a official. I do like to learn the knowledge of a lot of Shanghai dragon will be the numerous "Shanghai dragon training institutions" confusing, the Shanghai dragon has been speculation keywords. The training institutions advertising said "what your monthly salary, how many" now there is another popular way to pull students. Is the use of YY, QQ group, it feels like the network "in captivity".

Shanghai Longfeng novice: wary of being "in"

I also went to several

I was a novice, but don’t want to go to Shanghai or what YY dragon training institutions, first, feeling a little expensive tuition. Second, don’t feel very reliable. Now the domestic Shanghai >


free course: Shanghai Longfeng is really free?

YY room, write a free Shanghai Longfeng lectures, listened only to find not many valuable things, but there is certainly value fee. Usually the teachers in the group announcement QQ group to write a few points: tonight is Shanghai dragon what course, anyway, the title is very attractive. Because it is free so there will be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novices to lecture, many of them really want to learn the knowledge of the Shanghai dragon. Don’t you be Shanghai dragon novices "free" word puzzle, as the saying goes: "there is no free lunch." Seemingly free Shanghai dragon course, is actually a network marketing in the way of using YY, QQ group. The purpose is very clear: to pull students, if really can let the students learn a lot of useful things, that you receive tuition is deserved. But the Hefei site optimization that Shanghai dragon love Shanghai a lot of knowledge and experience, you need the accumulation algorithm in change, your experience can not be used with all people, others may feel the chain to do so, you have other methods to achieve better effect. Who are not wrong?. So the novice do Shanghai Longfeng should use the practice to prove everything.

Shanghai Longfeng novice: where is the way?

today we are by the network in captivity, most of your time in the Internet every day, this is the Internet "captive". I want to say is Shanghai dragon training teachers, you are responsible for the novice? Because the "teacher", you know what is the meaning of the teacher, although not to teach, but in fact not much difference, Shanghai dragon training teachers: you can’t to flicker a student tuition. Your point of view, may affect the students after the Shanghai dragon road, until one day come back, feel that they have been fooled. That time will accuse you of hundred-percent is a liar.

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