Love is determined by Shanghai chain chain construction plan analysis


so that no matter whether you are new or old people in Beijing are not lost. (the chain no general keywords can also be called invalid chain)

webmaster, usually the main experience is to do two things, 1. station optimization of 2. station optimization


Figure six Figure five

features a summary: through the description text links for effective links, and an article in the first draw text for effective links (not counting other)

suggested: after we released the article keywords, just add a keyword description text. Much is superfluous.

determine the chain construction plan



.Figure eight

Figure three


example: 2. yesterday day outside Shanghai chain analysis data update, see a lot of data to me in the morning, I found the site in the construction of the chain an error occurred.

Figure seven

the most clear signs is the capital city of Beijing. Beijing at the intersection will set a sign, sign a name to write (like our target keywords) with an arrow pointing to the direction of.

example: 1. keywords we like a signpost on the road. The address is on the road, because the traffic in all directions, so the road often has many intersections, staggered.



Figure two


Figure four

features of two pure text links is also effective, but it is best not to link the text appears Chinese character. Because of the love of Shanghai may not recognize.





(there are a lot of tutorial introduction to URL plus target keywords approach, the love of Shanghai snapshot can be read but as the chain may not recognize the love of Shanghai)

is through the keywords to web site, this is outside the chain of

Simple Figure chain analysis through the love of Shanghai

is the chain effectively.

is popular with the station, standing outside the chain. Your website is the station outside the station, the ranking is the problem.

love Shanghai chain has three new features:

features: two

So today we talk about what

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