Keywords optimization of superficial discussion

: first not to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon certainly can bring you unexpected traffic and play a variety of roles of the visitors, but we have to leave the potential customers can bring value to the site. To map out a topic, is the audience, Shanghai dragon over the flow, can say what people have, however, as we should keep their own website, the potential audience. So you can not blindly the Shanghai dragon caused actual content of the site is missing, or contrary to the original intention of the item with the website. This is very easy to go wrong at the beginning of the webmaster. So, in the flow of a difficult period, we should also have this intention, to overcome their own blind Shanghai dragon, resulting in the loss of potential customers, causing the site to become a loss of value, neither fish nor fowl website.

is not in the group, or in the channel, we discuss a lot in the site, and is not a technical problem, but some of the station’s original idea, which is similar to the original human needs, that is the food with * * * *, so we believe the original idea is what. That is the traffic into profit, which is one of the most original demand.

so I borrow from the duossi website published an article to share with you this question. I understand that in the group and channel, everyone’s purpose is very clear, in fact, it is profitable, but do station project ideas, including the follow-up operation, they all have different ideas. Some people really want to be a community type, the type of portal website, or a content rich enterprise station. Some people want to do Wangzhuan site types. Here, I will throw my view brick (personal view).

third: the content of the website to be fully ratio. Good site, are often the first of the original article. It is very important for a new site, but each stationmaster ability is limited, so we have to collect for the content of the web site. Here I want to point out a. That is, related to the main content of the website, the use of the original as much as possible, in order to ensure their own website with pure blood. Not being eroded by other sites, pay attention to the quality and degree of. To let potential customers to be able to give yourself a reason to stay. Other related content around, to ensure.

second: choose a suitable site software. Many of my friends are the first time to contact the site. There are a lot of people repeat to ask some questions. There are a lot of technical problems, but for a webmaster (in addition to technical webmaster). We should be based on their own strengths, and fully understand the network scalability. We build software emerge in an endless stream, choose a suitable project site building software is also a very important aspect, novice webmaster can choose module, multiple functions, easy to use software to build. No name here. Perhaps for the webmaster, is too complicated, affecting the efficiency with compression capability, so choose according to their actual situation, is also very important.

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