How much Qi website user experience by watching the business circle the game

Of course, a lot of advertising popups too much

generally open the site speed between 3-7 seconds, especially through the business circle in the user search ranking, waiting for a long time, will be very unpleasant, Qi more found that many sites open speed is not ideal, recommended for the host or check the website investigation of factors affecting the comprehensive program.


web advertising may be a lot of friends play no ground for blame, there is no intention to do or like a lot of this is Qi in his spare time to play, but the blinking ads keep the website open speed slow down, I believe that many people do not love too much; what is more is a website and pop-up ads, open the page will pop once, let people get bored, estimated never open the station.

found several site several articles directly are not paragraphs, I hate to see this article, confusing. An article attractive time may be only 2-3 seconds, if the readability of your article and worse, your bounce rate greatly increased, indirect your search engine friendliness is greatly reduced, which I 10 skills in improving the readability of mentioned, interested friends can look.

2, page layout chaos

3, the poor readability of

search engine is more and more attention to the user experience has become an indisputable fact, labor day is during the Shanghai Encyclopedia of change is in love can enhance the user experience, this point can not be ignored. Some more of a multi Qi observed, also a lot of hope that we can add together to improve.

A lot of the time this blog

1, the website is slow

do not know is the template has problems or change their own too much more, Qi found a competition website layout everywhere and become very confused, and even find a new theme is very difficult, the user experience is not flattered. Although a large number of people using the template can cause poor user experience effect, but if the page is confusion, is really not less than a number of people who use the template is good.

Qi a week, business ranking is relatively stable, do not know is good or bad. The entry has ended, I simply go to find the statistics entry site each look, also understand the way of competition. See many of my friends have mentioned the website user experience, but careful observation found that many sites do not put the user experience is the most important part of a good deal.

Qi summarize this 4 points just let me some user impresses experience bad site, many factors affect the user experience, in this will not elaborate, after the time to communicate with people, to the website optimization from the user’s point of view as a starting point, not simply for Shanghai Shanghai Dragon and the dragon, to focus on the user experience.

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